Atheism of Suspicion:
psychology, economics, sociology

Psychology on atheism
+Sigmund Freud, the Future of an Illusion (synopsis)
-psychoanalyst Stanislav Grof
-Paul Vitz, "The Psychology of Atheism"
          [atheist motivations: General & Specific socialization, Personal
          convenience, Oedipal Wish Fulfillment, the Defective Father theory]
Ludwig Feuerbach et al.
Nietzsche: the first modern western Master Atheist
Marx on religion
the new theisms according to John Lilly
Death of God, secular theology
Raschke & Taylor on theological deconstruction
the Meaning of the Death of God a/theology
Sam Keen on the death of god
War & atheism

Liberation Theology
Alfredo Fierro & the militant gospel
Pérez-Esclarín: atheism & liberation
Enrique Dussel & atheistic antifetishism
Pablo Richard & anti-idolatry
Míguez Bonino on Bloch
Jon Sobrino: atheism & the poor
Gustavo Gutierez: non-believers & non-persons

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